Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

Tree Pose Meaning

Tree posture (Vrikshasana) is the intermediate level of standing yoga posture. Its name is derived from its tall tree like position. It helps to strengthen legs, hands, spine and shoulders. It also improves the sense of coordination and stamina of balancing your body weight. Maybe that is the reason, why many sages, saints and yogis always use tree posture for meditation purposes. Tree pose stretches thighs, groins and shoulder. Tree posture is one of those few postures in which opening eyes are recommended rather than to keep it closed. This is due to factor that in closed eyes, body loses its equilibrium sense.

Vrikshasana Steps

Tree Pose (Vriksasana)


  • Stand on your feet with relaxed posture. Maintain very small distance between your legs. Keep your spine as straight as you can without having a sprain in it.
  • Bend your Left leg and place your left leg’s heel to above of the knee cap of the right leg. Place it on the side portion and try to balance on leg. Try to straight your right leg tailbone.
  • Join your both hand like your join them in the prayer and in the joint position start raising them in the roof direction over your head. Stretch as far as you can.
  • Relax in this position while opening your eyes, as it will be more difficult to maintain balance in the closed eyes position. Try to see in straight direction calmly. Remain your spine straight and don’t put extra pressure on any body part.
  • After half a minute or minute later, lower down your hand to the normal position and then lower down your legs to the floor. Repeat this posture with your right leg for better results.

There are some slight variations which can be followed if you face some kind of difficulty:-

  • If you can’t place your heel to the thigh portion, then you can also place it below the knee cap. There is also a variation where if you are too flabby to face uneasiness to draw your legs to your lap, then you can move your foot heel to another leg’s ankle.
  • If you feel that your back is feeling numbness doing this posture, then you can adjust your hands by opening them for a while.
  • If balancing on one leg seems challenging, then you can practice this posture leaning against a wall or some structure like it. In this way balancing your body structure can be helpful and after many time practises, you will easily balance your body with any wall or help.
  • If you are suffering from blood pressure problem, then holding hands up in the air can lead your blood go downward during a long session. Therefore for Blood pressure patient, a slight variation of hands position during tree pose is suggested. They can hold their hands at their chest in the prayer mode.

Vrikshasana Benefits

  • It increases the stamina power, concentration capability and immunity in body.
  • It makes practitioner ankles, legs and lower body part stronger. It also improves the strength of the hands and shoulders.
  • It cures knee problems. There person suffering from knee problem, must try this yoga posture for their leg ailments.
  • It builds up self confidence of the practitioner help to gain equilibrium in the body and mind.
  • It is said that Tree posture is very advantageous in the Back pain ailments like some cases of Sciatica.


If you are suffering from the High Blood pressure or low blood pressure problems, then they shouldn’t try to perform this yoga posture. Also problems like chronic leg surgery or injury in lower body portion like knees, feet or heel will make this yoga posture difficult to perform.

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