Yoga hand mudras meanings and their benefits

Yogic mudras or Hand gestures are additional hand movements which help in yoga posture and aid in gaining extra benefits from the yogic postures.

Mainly these yogic postures are practiced in sitting yoga postures like Lotus posture. You can use these mudras with pranayama (Breathing practice) and yoga postures both with ease.

There are some tips before I start telling you about them:

  • For good results, you must perform these gesture in Lotus position or decent position.
  • Try these gestures at Morning after nature’s call on a Mattress. Before gestures, do inhale and exhale practices for some time, then try the yogic mudras.
  • Perform these gestures with both hands simultaneously.
  • For easy understanding of hand gestures, I recall the common names for fingers here. The first finger after your thumb is also known as the Index finger, while the third finger from index finger is known as ring finger. Rest are commonly known and easily recognized as the Middle finger (the middle one from both side) and little finger (Fourth one from index one).

Now Let us start studying the gestures one by one

yoga hand mudras images

Knowledge Gesture (Gyan Mudra)

Knowledge gesture is a commonly viewed gesture because every spiritual person or yogi sit while performing this gesture. It is called knowledge gesture because the constant practice of this gesture makes brain and nervous system work faster. The reason behind this fact is that acupuncture point of the brain is situated at the tip of the thumb and this gesture deal with touching this point.

Fold your index finger so that it touches the thumb of your same hands. Meanwhile, the middle finger, ring finger and little finger must remain in a straight direction. Remain in the gesture for 5-6 min.

Thumb Gesture (Ling Mudra)

Thumb gesture is the gesture which is enemy of the cold. It generates heat in the body; therefore it helps with a cough and cold problems in winter.

Put your fingers of both hand in each other and attach them to you fold them in prayer. Now try to move your thumb upwards in a straight manner. Stay in the gesture for 3-4 min.

Zero Gesture (Shunya Mudra)

Zero Gesture helps in reducing the earache. If somebody is having a puss in the ear, then practising this gesture will help them a lot.

Fold your middle finger so that its tip touch at the root of the thumb and Thumb’s front part will touch middle finger’s part where its nail ends.

Earth Gesture (Prithvi Mudra)

Earth gesture improve the blood circulation in the whole body. It also strengthens bones, grows weight in skinny people and reduces weakness of body and mind.

Touch your Ring fingertip to the thumb’s tip for around 3-4 min. Rest of the fingers must remain in the straight position.

Sun Gesture (Surya Mudra)

This helps in reducing cholesterol level and also a boon for killing extra fat from your body at a faster pace. It also improves digestion.

Touch your Thumb’s tip to the above of the edge of the nail of the ring finger. Other fingers remain in the straight direction. Perform it for 3-4 minutes.

Energy Gesture (Prana Mudra)

It gives the performer’s body enormous energy. It improves the immunity system. By regular usage, this gesture also helps to get rid of the spectacles. It cures all kind of eye disorders.

Fold your Little finger and Ring finger simultaneously so that it can touch the tip of the thumb. Let your Middle finger and index finger in a straight direction. Do this gesture for 3-4 min.

Water Gesture (Varun Mudra)

Water gesture as it name implies helps the body to gain the water loss and other water-borne diseases like Jaundice etc. It glorifies the skin.

Touch your Middle finger’s tip with the tip of the thumb. Let other fingers remain in straight position.

Air Gesture (Vayu Mudra)

Air gesture helps you in ailments like leg pain, paralysis, joint pain etc. Air gesture with Energy gesture gives better and best results.

Touch the tip of the thumb to the edge of the index fingernail upper part. Let other fingers remain straight in direction.

Benefits of doing yoga in morning

There is an old saying that morning moment affects the whole day. These days’ psychologist and researcher also affirm this saying that morning time is the best time to invest on your body, mind and soul development. For body, one should perform basic and other exercises and for mind, meditation is best practise. Here are some reasons why you should do yoga just after opening the eyes.

Benefits of yoga in morning

  • Need for speed

The main reason why one should do yoga is only that it warm-up the body after the long nap we had taken. It is always seen that while in sleep body takes rest from the all day long stress and work, in this same rest process body remain idle and lazy. Doing yoga posture at the very starting of your daily routine, not only remove the laziness from the body but also make it ready for the daily life work.


  • Better than Tea/Coffee

Some people prefer liquid or beverage than moving their bodies for the early warm-up. However it is a wrong practise to start your days with tea/coffee. As these liquids contain heavy proportion of caffeine which stimulates the body but also slowly make body habitual for these liquids. It deteriorates the body and also increases the chances of stomach related problems. Hence you should forbid these beverages and prefer exercise. If you feel that yoga business is going to be not your “cup of tea”, then you can start with some basic and easy posture daily. Eventually you will find it as a best alternative than tea/coffee.


  • Flexibility and Strength

Yoga gives flexibility to your body and enhances strength in the morning .A regular practise makes your day full of energy and stamina and also boost your metabolism and immunity system.


  • Reduces Anxiety, Stress

Today era is full of stress and strain, which make daily life so difficult and full of tension and anxiety. Life got shrink to going from home to workplace and returning with lots of worry to home again. Yoga reduces chances of anxiety and enhances the mental health by its meditative posture. Its positions helps practitioner to get relieved from your tension inducing lifestyle for some moments.


  • Time for you

Giving some time to yoga, also make space for time for yourself. There will be a little time added to your lifestyle which will not be wasted in daily struggle. Therefore Choose a time for yoga and some soothing music and you will gain physical and mental health gain.


  • Space Independent

Yoga doesn’t need a large space or need any extra equipment. Just a mattress or bed will be sufficed to do these simple yoga postures. It also doesn’t need a special timing to do so. You can perform yoga posture at any time suitable. However we also suggest you to always perform yoga postures before taking any meal.


  • Improved Breathe

Our lungs are full of small spores. These spores got blocked due to various reasons like smoking, pollution etc. Breathing practises or Pranayama which is an essential part of yoga improves respiratory system and opens some of these spores. This will increase your breathing power and body level of oxygen.


  • Good for health

It is a scientific proven fact that many yoga postures cure many ailments and diseases. Our body comprises of body and mind which work together. If one got affected, then it will afflict its symptoms on other. Performing yoga poses not only tones body muscles, but it also cleanses mind which in long term increase body immunity. It also decreases the body fat which helps you to get rid of obesity.

What are the 7 chakras of the body and their Meanings ?

On the topic of Yoga or its postures, you may or may not had faced the term “Chakra” and their being affected by some yoga postures. Chakra means Wheel/Sphere in Sanskrit and it is mentioned in many Yogic and esoteric text like Kundalini Yoga Upanishad and in many faiths like Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism. These sources describe that there are two types of body that every sentient being have, one is Material Body and another is the spiritual body.

7 chakras in human body

Yogic Chakras resides in the Spiritual body as the spheres of vast energies. Due to various reasons, these spheres are not activated properly and hence these energies can’t be properly accessed by every being. Yogis or Practitioner of yoga who attained a good level in yogic activities succeed to remove those blockages in spheres and hence gain many abilities with the help of these Chakras. However, I believe these chakras if activated then boost the senses (Ear, Nose, Eye, Mouth and Skin) of body and hence strengthen them.

Following are the brief on every yogic chakra and their abilities and some yoga positions to remove impurities from them:

Root (Muladhara)

This chakra is in the position at the end of the spine or more specific near the anus. Its element is earth and it basically deals the aspect of survival and it usually gets barred by all kind of fears. For the nourishment of this chakra, yogis must meditate on his fear and let them roll down by his will and mind. Yoga for Root Chakra: Tree posture.

Sacral (Svadhishthana)

Sacral Chakra’s element is water. This chakra resides at the location of your reproductive organs. Therefore it gets affected by lust or guilt. Due to its impurity, you will feel uneven on an emotional level and rude for yourself. For the removal of blockage of sacral chakra, the practitioner must realize the truth of guilts of his life and accept its inevitability. Yoga for Sacral Chakra: Goddess Posture.

Naval (Manipura)

This chakra location is in the middle of stomach. Its element is Fire. It manages willpower and normally obstructed by shame. Therefore it is beneficiary for the practitioner to relieve your heart of all shame that you had felt for your actions. Don’t blame yourself. Yoga for Naval Chakra: Boat Posture.

Heart (Anahata)

This chakra location is in the center of the heart, hence gaining its name. Heart chakra deals with the aspect of life and gets blocked by griefs of your actions. For the better flow of Heart chakra, one must not grieve for your lost.
Yoga for Heart Chakra: Eagle pose.

Throat (Vishuddha)

Throat chakra element is the Aether/Space due to its associativity with voice, it can be easily blocked due to inner and outer lies. A yogi must not tell lies to others and most important to himself. Yoga for Throat Chakra: Fish Pose.

Third Eye (Ajna)

Third Eye chakra is also known as Lord Shiva chakra due to its abilities. Its element is light and it deals with insight or perception. Its reason for blockage is illusions. There are several kinds of illusions in a human life but a superior one in discrimination. Diminish all kind of discrimination and you can enhance this chakra ability.Yoga pose for Third Eye Chakra: Child’s pose, Meditation.

Crown (Sahasrara)

Its Sanskrit name literally means a thousand petal lotus which actually a signification of the supreme one. It deals with pure cosmic energy or life energy (Prana), and its reason for blockage is the earthly attachment. The practitioner must realize that all attachments are mortal in this world and then leave them. Yoga Pose for Crown Chakra: Seated Meditation.