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Yoga Instantly started its journey from a tiny sapling of the ideas, thoughts and visions and have reached to a flowered portion of its phase where it has started giving the fragrance of wisdom.

Yoga starts its root from the early age before the First Vedic text i.e. Rigveda. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which is derived from the root Yuj which means to add, hence making its meaning in conjunction. In my early days, I always thought that why a word which means conjunction was chosen for this tradition, but now I can clearly say that Yoga’s final goal is to let you take to the final peaceful destination which Indian text describe as Moksha. Yoga rejuvenates the mind, strengthen the body and purify soul which helps a practitioner way clear for the absolution of the thoughts and desires.

From there, it developed throughout the Indian sub-continent and echoed through various Indian saints, yogins, sages and masters. You can find 9 Nath Yogi’s text in which Matsyendranath and Gorakhnath are the pioneers of developing many yogic postures and Hatha yoga school. Meanwhile work of many saints like Patanjali, Swami Vivekananda also contributed to the growth of this life-changing tradition. Swami Vivekananda during his tour to the west has preached the benefits of yoga and many gurus after that also preached it. Today it is a widely acknowledged practise and International yoga day is observed on 21st June.

When I start writing this blog, I had a vision in my mind and I had achieved somewhat of it. But still, there are many paths to come across.

I have discussed many topics on my blogs as well as some of the yogic postures. I have mentioned how to perform these postures in brief and in simple language so that everyone can understand them well and to them as suggested. I had tried to access and spread all sort of knowledge about postures here on my blog. I have also discussed the limitations of every posture as brief as I know, as well as I have mentioned the prohibited times when one shouldn’t do any particular yogic postures.

I have mentioned several times on my blog that before performing any particular yoga posture or a set of poses, one must take a visit to a yoga teacher. Several surveys have shown that 20% people suffered pain, ache, sprain and injury during the yoga session. They have agreed that they had practised wrongly or had done overly in a time duration which makes a yoga session into a pain in the neck.

At Last but not least, I welcome you to my site which will help you to learn, understand about an ancient yet magnificent process which is known as Yoga. I welcome all kind of Suggestions about What kind of knowledge my reader want me to share with them. And I also accept that my blog may contain much factual or textual error. Therefore any complaints about any of my blog will also be concerned.

In the end, I wish you a sound mind, strong body and a healthy life.